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Encourage social connection with a variety of fun, fully produced experiences.

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How It Works

In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

25-100 employees in person, or contact us for larger-scale events wherever your team is.

Customized Frequency

Events when you need them: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or around key moments.

100+ Types of Events

Browse sample events below, then contact us for the full catalog plus brand partners.

A Sampling of Our Events


Help teams prioritize self-care in the midst of the busy workday.


In-Office Fitness

Book convenient, onsite group movement classes such as yoga, stretching, or mobility for all levels.


Clean Eating Simplified

Gain insights from a holistic nutritionist on helping you and your family eat a healthy, nutrient-dense, and delicious diet.


Wellbeing Through Play

Learn why play is so powerful for health and relationships, and practice simple ways to de-stress, replenish, and get “unstuck.”


Aromatherapy Blending

Create rejuvenating products from natural ingredients, led by skincare pros.


Chair Massages

Enjoy the epitome of relaxation with 15-minute sessions by massage therapists from cult-favorite, woman-owned Chillhouse.

Workshops & Activities

Get inspired and learn a new skill with your colleagues.


Charcuterie Board 101

Construct decadent displays of sweet nibbles and savory bites—no experience required.


Sip & Draw

Relax into a guided adult coloring session with artist Nick Sizemore, complete with wine.


Plants Party

Turn your office into a floral shop and explore bouquet-making, terrarium-building, or plant care.


Non-Alcoholic Mixology

Craft impressive mocktails from gourmet ingredients (minus the hard stuff) during this festive, inclusive workshop.


Candle Decorating

Twist, bend, and speckle a rainbow of tapered candles using heat and wax for an easy take-home craft project.


Break up the daily routine with an energetic, interactive show.


Themed Trivia

Laugh through an hour of trivia covering pop culture and beyond, hosted by a leading comedian.


Stand Up Comedy

Sit back and enjoy some of New York’s best stand-up performers (work-appropriate acts at the ready).


Murder Mystery

Solve an interactive, comedic murder mystery that’s tailored to your team (costumed actors included).

Tastings & Happy Hours

Discover fun, hands-on food and beverage experiences.


Local Beer Tasting

Sample beers from a popular brewery while diving into the brewing process, style differences, and tasting techniques.


Hot Sauce Tasting

Test your team’s taste buds with a fiery hot sauce tasting or make-your-own class.


Ice Cream Social

Bond over an ice cream cart pop-up or sundae bar from a nationally loved, artisanal shop. (Vegan friendly)


Local Wine Tasting

Taste multiple wines from a boutique winery such as Brooklyn’s Rooftop Reds, led by the winemakers themselves.


Hot Chocolate Bar

Customize rich Raaka cocoa with crushed seasonal candy, halva chunks, gluten free waffle-cone cookies, and more. All 100% vegan.

Virtual Events

Connect remote teams over shared experiences from every category.


Pickle Making Class

DIY homemade pickles with the founder of a hit condiment brand, using a simple, colorful buffet of veggies and spices.


Meditation Sessions

Find focus and clarity through mindfulness during guided group meditation, taught remotely by trained instructors.


The Escape Game

Crack the case with your teammates in a competitive mission complete with top-secret directions, leaderboard, and evidence files.


Cookie Decorating

Design sweet treats with pro-level flair—frost this, sprinkle that, and impress everyone with your new skills.


Pizza Making Class

Stretch, top, and bake the perfect pie at home, guided by a live pizza pro for this interactive lesson.

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