What It’s Really Like Being a Working Mom Right Now

At Work


Kyla Bills

Being a mom means playing many roles, but the last couple of years of pandemic parenting have been a whole new ballgame. As the boundaries between work and life become more blurred in our virtual-first, work-from-anywhere reality, parenting has also changed. We talked to working moms about what it’s really like being a mother right now and how they’re redefining work-life balance. Spoiler: Yes, there’s poop.

Lacey Gutekunst
Chief of Staff, Museum of Women

"There are so many calls where Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is blasting in the background as I negotiate contracts or am giving a presentation and breastfeeding at the same time."

Sherri Carpineto
Director, AposHealth

"Some days you'll be working until 9 pm and the kids are eating stale chips. Other days, you're making roasted veggies and sous vide chicken (and they wish they had stale chips!). The most important thing? Try to live a life without guilt. It's hard but so worth it.”

Jessica Torres Cooper
Editorial Director, Hearst Magazines

Photo via Jessica Torres Cooper

"A close friend told me: ‘As working moms, we are constantly juggling. But every juggler drops a ball once in a while. The key is knowing what’s a glass ball and which are plastic.’"

Barbara Mortimer
Senior Product Manager, New Stand

"I gave birth during the pandemic and have approached work differently since becoming a new mom. I am more creative, more empathetic, more thorough. I want to be my daughter’s role model."

Staci Bush
Former Executive Director of Medical Affairs

Photo via Staci Bush

"When I adopted my daughter, my priorities changed. One day I realized my heart had jumped out of my body and was crawling on the floor. But as mothers, we have to put our own masks on first. A little self-care. That 90-minute massage makes me a better mother for 90 days."

Erika Velazquez
Head of Marketing, New Stand

"There have been so many moments where mom life and work life have blended together! Most recently it was probably my potty-training toddler shouting how proud he was of pooping in the potty while I was dialed into an internal cross-functional meeting."

Jossy Lee
MIT-trained Innovator & Creator of Mommy Goes To Work

Photo via Jossy Lee

"The pandemic has strengthened my ability to switch from one task to another—from personal to professional. From changing my son’s last-minute diaper to hosting a virtual board meeting (yeah, those things happened within moments of each other)."

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