Our Poll Results: Employee Sentiment Now

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Kyla Bills

Despite the current hurricane of workforce trend reporting, employee sentiment can be tough to gauge day-to-day. Vibes aren’t exactly scientific, and large-scale internal surveys can be clunky to execute. In between, informal temp checks with your team or professional circle can give perspective on how people are feeling in real time.

Lately, we’ve been going straight to our social network for their weigh-in on workplace experience. Even these (very low-key) polls have delivered timely micro-insights about what employees want now. Check out what they might mean below, then add your voice to the mix over on LinkedIn.

A “Little Something” Goes a Long Way

Team leaders, take note: Gift-giving might be the love language that matters most in the workplace. A token of your appreciation should really be a token, it seems. Words of affirmation is next in the running, so speak up when it comes to giving credit widely and often.

Bonding Outside the Office Is Best

The verdict: Team engagement is all about face time. Most people seem to be eager to get out of their DMs and into the IRL world when it comes to connecting with coworkers. For a team that cares about each other, getting together to socialize beyond the office walls can work wonders.

People Love to Learn

Free SkinnyPop is one of our personal favorite office perks, but we have to agree that thoughtful programming, fun events, and ongoing education are big highlights, too. Per this recent poll, employees really appreciate opportunities to learn, grow, and engage in something new. And hey, what could be better than a company of lifelong learners?

Corp-Speak Is Cringe

As the sun sets on hustle culture, corporate lingo has understandably lost its cool. The seeming consensus: Why not all just say what we mean? The passivity of “let’s circle back on that” is especially eye roll-inducing. Do we really need another way to say, “No one feels like figuring this out right now, so let’s push it off to another time”?

Everyone’s Over the ATTITude

There’s nothing worse than a passive aggressive email (though we’ve all sent a terse reply now and then). And seeing how all of the phrases in this poll seemed to hit a nerve, maybe it’s time to delete them from our vocabulary altogether. Idea for a fresh start: Extend some good faith to our colleagues and wait for it to come back around.

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