Disconnected Culture? Focus on Shared Employee Experiences

As so many of us have embraced hybrid or fully remote work (we love to see it!), the reality is, individual and collective wellbeing within dispersed teams can feel uneven or inequitable. At New Stand, we're adamant that universal employee experiences are key to mastering flexible work culture, no matter your team’s hybrid style. To address today's hot-topic issue of inconsistent employee experience, we launched a deep-dive report on how to reconnect teams through shared experiences, in collaboration with coworking mavens Industrious.


Get the full story on equitable experiences for hybrid work—including how to improve your team’s specific culture and boost employee connection—with our exclusive report.

Download our in-depth white paper to learn more about:

  • How flex work has given way to new culture pitfalls
  • The culture pillars most susceptible to inequity
  • Impact on retention, productivity & profitability
  • Quiz to identify your org’s employee-experience gaps
  • Case studies from real, industry-leading companies

Why Equitable Experiences Are Essential for Hybrid Work

More flexible work has been a game-changer—minus the inconsistent experience for individuals. Employee engagement is down, building meaningful bonds is a struggle, and yesterday’s culture strategy isn’t cutting it. But it’s possible to connect team members in an equitable way, no matter where or how they work.

Where to start: Distributed employees need better solutions when it comes to team connection and collaboration, information access, career opportunity and recognition, and workplace accommodations. In turn, these factors have the power to transform employee engagement.

Connect Your Team Through Shared Experiences

Half of business leaders say relationship-building activities are the greatest challenge for their hybrid teams. So when it comes to evolving flex-forward culture for 2023 and beyond, belonging and connectivity are top priority. It's clear that creating a more cohesive and inclusive company culture is a critical people strategy at this future-of-work inflection point. The upshot? Increased employee satisfaction = better business, period.


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