In-Store at New Stand

New Stand Team

Style meets convenience at New Stand stores. Whether you’re grabbing a snack on your way into work or on the hunt for the perfect gift, there’s always something new to discover. Keep reading for our latest recs.

Have a snack

If you’re looking for a classic... Coca-Cola

Nothing is a better 3 pm pick-me-up than a can of Coke. It’s a cult-y ritual for a reason. Pair it with a bag of peanut M&Ms for a double whammy of saccharine comfort.

If you’re down to find for a new favorite... Seek North Kombucha

Shake things up with a kombucha from Seek North. We’re partial to Seek Harmony, a tangy hibiscus and ginger flavor that’s not too sweet and has just the right amount of fizz.

Power up

Photo via Courant.

If you forgot your charger at home... Courant Catch 1

Now you’ve got a great excuse for an upgrade. The Courant Catch 1 wireless charger is sleek enough to sit on your desk, and small enough that it won’t take up too much space. Plus it’s compatible with Apple and Android so you never have to worry about finding the right cable.

If you’re going through a retro moment... Polaroid Lab Instant Printer

Digital meets analog with this portable printer. Turn your camera roll into real Polaroids to jazz up your office space or give to friends.

Life isn’t work alone

If you need a new hobby... Sculpd Pottery Kit

Quarantine baking is out, pottery is in. The Sculpd Pottery Kit has everything you need to create your next masterpiece. No studio or kiln required.

If you’re starting a new at-home workout... Bala Bangles

These super-versatile weights can be worn on your wrists or ankles while you’re doing chores, working your abs, or going for a walk around the block. They also come with a cute carrying case if you do decide to bring them to the gym.

It’s a lifestyle

Photo via Andrej Urem.

If your home office needs a little update... Andrej Urem Candle

Andrej Urem’s candles are basically mini sculptures. Each one is handmade in New York City from 100% organic soy wax. Stick yours in the background of your next Zoom call to secure your spot as the office art aficionado.

If you’re running late for a birthday party... Spaghetti and Meatballs Card

Don’t forget the card! These ones are so cute, who cares what the gift is? Spaghetti and Meatballs cards are written, designed, and printed by two sisters in Buffalo, New York.

Good looks

If you’ve been itching to travel again... Lefrik Lithe Bag

If you’re finally going on that long-awaited vacay, start with the Lithe bag from Lefrik. This eco-friendly travel bag has three internal pockets to keep you organized. Stow everything from toothpaste to hand sanitizer in a convenient spot.
If you’re more ready to explore your backyard... The Prinkshop x Social Goods Tee

Rep your favorite city—and team—with this collab from The Prinkshop and Social Goods. Sales of this tee benefit WIN (Women in Need), which helps homeless women and children in NYC transition from shelters to homes of their own. Do good and look good.

Your body is a wonderland

Photo via Myro.

If you feel like switching up your morning routine... Myro Natural Deodorant

Freshen up your morning with Myro Natural Deodorant. The water-based formula uses probiotics and sage to keep you smelling good all day long without irritating your skin. Bonus: It’s good for you and the planet. Pod refills are 100% recyclable.

If your work day could use a self-care moment... Eir NYC Liniment Rub

Sitting at your desk all day is more than likely doing a number on your back; get some relief with the Eir NYC liniment rub. This 100% vegan formula is small enough to take on the go and works on all skin types.

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