How to Reset Your Work-Life Balance, According to Your Sign

Katie Kwon O’Donnell

We could reasonably be accused of spinning the content wheel and landing on “horoscopes” this week (SEO is a harsh mistress). But it’s also nice to let go of any illusion that we’re really in control of what’s going on in the universe, let alone the factors determining our daily lives toiling at dual monitors. Cosmos take the wheel, baby!

One thing we do know is what it feels like to tell ourselves, with the best intentions, that we just need to make it through this week. But refilling our tanks doesn’t just magically happen in our precious off-hours. To that end, when you’re down to 5% charge physically, mentally, and emotionally, try these celestially aligned ways to decompress, recalibrate your work-life balance, and refuel your snap-crackle-pop. To be clear, we’re not certified astrologists—just extra.


The literal goats of the zodiac rule the house of career, achievement, and public image, which explains why you’re always getting a shoutout on the all-hands. But rapid firing emails before the bodega’s even open takes its toll. The reset: Recognition is your love language, so take the time to be your own hype person: Write a fake award speech for your wins this week (guarantee the jokes will hit). Your sign craves structure and boundaries too, so set hard cut-off times to prioritize quality time with the S.O., on Fridays, and before that big bach weekend.


The sauntering water bearer, you bring healing, life-giving vibes while irrigating groovy, progressive ideas. Between creative directing your org’s “sick” sustainability campaign and strategizing its social-impact investments, you’re pretty much a professional do-gooder. But don’t forget to water your own seeds, literally. The reset: Hit up the community garden function or river-cleanup hoedown to honor your ruling house of networking. Fill your cup with gossip from the mutual-aid cronies and neighborhood eccentrics; the revolution can wait ’til tomorrow.


“Me, an empath” actually is you. You’re the Meryl Streep of work experience, with the emotional intelligence, the intuition, and the range. But your tendency to slip between fantasy—you’re just doing this while building up your travel-influencer TikTok—and the fluorescent-lit reality of corporate life can be exhausting. The reset: Feed your sensitive soul with an emo, arty moment. Scribble out a poem about the beauty of direct deposit, craft a bitching “boss energy” playlist, or write a spicy love letter to a hot coworker. (A plea from HR: Do not send it.)

Express yourself, Pisces. Photo: Mathew Addington


We’re not not terrified of you, Aries. You stay crushing sales goals, you won the holiday pie bake-off, and you relegated us to alternates on the softball team (okay, fair on that one). Your borderline-unsettling ambition is why you’re on the fast track to the C-suite...and burnout. The reset: To serve your ruling house of self after a punishing week of pitches, race to be first in line for whatever shiny new thing you’re dying to flex: a selfie at the next Chapel Bar, rare tickets to that Bushwick designer’s interactive show, or a freshly minted cartoon-wallaby NFT.


Taurus lords over income, money, and self-esteem, so it makes sense you’re lined up for a big fat bonus and know you’re worth it. Whether you’re a finance guru, seven-figure entrepreneur, or in-demand life coach, you’re all about self-investment. You’re probably reading this from your weekly wine-and-romance novel bath, but don’t forget to serve your senses through nature too. The reset: Taurus bulls bliss out in serene landscapes, so plan an indulgent picnic or trip upstate. Splay out in the grass, devour a $15 hunk of Manchego, and be bullish on staying a little longer.


In the busy-ness Olympics, you’re a gold medalist, Gemini. Your celestial motif is twins, because you’re so interested in everything and everyone you need a clone to get to it all. At work, you’re a comms queen/king/royal who’s quick to share what you think, making you a talented multi-hyphenate in fields like marketing, publishing, and politics. The reset: Nothing quickens your pulse like being in the thick of things, so why not start an anonymous, tell-all industry Instagram account? Or gift yourself a deep dive into some niche celeb drama—it’s the little things.


Work from home was made for nesting-forward Cancers. Remote or not, you’re a pie-in-the-sky ideas machine with the follow through to actually get things done—you’ll happily go big and go home. But when roadblocks thwart your labors of love or your boss takes your shine for granted, the pincers jump out. The reset: Put your work phone on airplane mode and retreat to your “shell” to ride out a mood. Burrito-wrap yourself in a weighted blanket, light a seance's worth of scented candles, and assemble the ultimate treat-yourself snack spread.

Try something messy, Virgo. Photo: Daniel Faro


Presenting in themed costume when absolutely no one asked for it. Making an unscheduled toast at the Friday bagel breakfast. It takes a lot of steam to be the most passionate person in the room, and let’s be real, being the team cheerleader can be an uphill battle right now. The reset: Take a break from the role of wildly optimistic, gives-it-all leader and revel in the spotlight on your own terms. Steal the mic at karaoke all night, or do a “challenge” (think: ice bucket, milk crate) and post the living daylights out of it.


Your meetings are tighter than your pre-pandemic jeans, and your decks could sell Google Docs to Microsoft. Perfectionism is your fight song, Virgo, and the devil really can be in the details. The reset: Step away from the spreadsheet (yes, stop over-analyzing the thing in your head too), and work something just-for-fun into your laminated daily routine. Maybe it’s channeling Virgo sister Padma and cooking a weird new recipe, or getting into funky rug tufting. The messier the project, the more you'll get out of your silly little head.


Your scale obsession only sounds like a toxic trait, Libra. Balance and symmetry are the key to your final form; just check the color-coded budget sheet you made. You’re all about connecting with anyone and everyone, which makes you the go-to project mediator, happy-hour organizer, and everyone’s favorite Slack buddy. The reset: Dominated by the house of partnership, you’re a softie at heart. For a power boost, pour some TLC into a one-on-one relationship—throw your bestie an impromptu party for dumping their ex, or surprise your kid with a “yes to everything” day.


No one at work’s quite cracked your code yet, wise and mysterious Scorpio. But thanks to your intense magnetism, you probably could’ve gotten their buy-in on an instant blood-test machine or a $47 billion coworking-startup valuation. Maybe you’re a trend forecaster, a hot-shot investor, or a firebrand CEO; even if you ran a high-stakes Animal Crossing ring, we’d follow your ballsy, prophetic lead. The reset: Intimacy and emotional energy are your oxygen, so seek out meaningful bonds. Join a support group for recovering mansplainers, gather your people for the cookout/hot pot/carne asada, or call up the friend who makes you go, "damn, that's real."


Okay Katniss, we see you firing off new initiatives like arrows to your work-nemesis’ heart. These symbolic archers are info junkies and insatiable adventure heads. Major giveaway: Your bio includes "digital nomad on the thought leadership circuit." Your free-thinker vibes might not be for everyone, but living out loud is your primary M.O. The reset: When the board doesn’t see the genius in your latest breakthrough, finally start that truth bomb-packed podcast/vlog. Or there’s always the next swami-led, biohacking surf retreat, man.

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