5 Items for a Happier Workspace

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Charlotte Rudge

Whether you’re hitting the office again in some form or your current desk setup leaves something to be desired, treating yourself to something that’ll zhuzh the space you spend most of your day around is well worth it. You might not be able to change your environment completely, but adding a pop of personality here or a dash of nerdy-cool desk tech there could be the simple boost you didn’t know you needed. Find everyday things that light your fire, be it a breezy little air purifier/fan for hair-fluttering Beyoncé energy, or a spunky desk plant to fawn over during breaks.

Face-flattering webcam ($50)

Remember what Teacher told you when presenting in front of the class? Face the room! Make eye contact! Project with confidence! The same rules apply in this virtual-heavy work world. Smudgy lenses, weird lighting, and awkward positioning can make anyone want to slouch through a meeting, so fight back. This small clip-on webcam from Angetube is adjustable and has a built-in ring light to help you work your angles.

Small and mighty air purifier ($499)

Between lunchtime odors no one asked for and the visible dust layering the filing cabinets, work areas (and your nostrils) are practically begging for an air purifier. We suggest splurging on this sleek, desk-sized model: It’s FDA-cleared for medical use, has a 250-foot reach to help with air flow, and claims to “destroy” germs.

Photo: Molekule

Low-key plant ($24)

Love the outdoors but don’t get out much as of late? Friend of flora and fauna but don’t have much of a green thumb? Meet the low-maintenance plant for you: The dracaena limelight is a vibrant, super-hardy, and easy-to-grow vine. Small, living plants can help boost mood, improve productivity, and calm your body. Plus, they work as instant décor if all your workspace currently involves is a wall calendar and a novelty mug.

Colorful organizer ($20)

Part objet d’art, part storage container, this glossy, pop-art pear is whimsical yet clean-lined, fun yet functional, and just plain ol’ useful. Tuck away odds and ends in it, store secret notes, stash candy. Your pear, your choice.

Photo: MoMA Design Store

Fun-stuff-only calendar ($18)

Book big meetings on your computer, but try this as a social and happy-things calendar. Write in coffee chats planned with coworkers, treat-yourself lunch days, offsites you’re looking forward to, and your work bestie’s birthday. When you’re absolutely floored it’s only Tuesday, look up and remember that “bring your pup to work day” is almost here.

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